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  • Saravanan’s Story

Saravanan’s Story

Freeing a Family

– Fourteen year-old Saravanan from the Seethapuram tribal colony suffered many bouts of serious illness due to unhygienic water and lack of proper sanitation. Not only could he not go to school, but his parents, both farmers earning a meagre living, would have to spend the little money they had on hospital fees and medicine to treat Saravanan’s illnesses.

Saravanan with sibs_IndiaJust a Drop provided the community with two male and two female bathing and toilet cubicles, together with a pumped water supply.

Now, Saravanan is fit and healthy and able to attend school every day. Saravanan’s newfound and sustained health has eased the burden on his family’s humble earnings as well. Saravanan says, “Now, I am free from illness caused by the dirty water we used to have. Now, we are able to use my parents’ income for many other family purposes. I thank Just a Drop.”

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