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Rajam’s Story

Restoring Respect

– Rajam is a housemaid and lives in Parumpair Kandikai tribal community in Tamil Nadu with her children and her 80 year old mother.  The area is very poor and there were 50 families in the colony living without the basic facilities of electricity, safe drinking water and toilets.

Rajam_IndiaThe whole family used to go to the bush for the toilet, and Rajam’s children all had recurring diarrhoea and bouts of very serious illness caused by this lack of hygiene. But worse was to come for Rajam’s mother: as she became more elderly, it was difficult to take her to the bush. So, she was forced to go in nearby fields, where some of the villagers would pass by, watch and tease her.  She says, “I was so ashamed. I hated that others would see my most private business and laugh at me.  I wanted to hide but could not.” 

Just a Drop constructed a communal bath house, toilet and pumped water supply for the community.  Rajam says, “Now my village and home is more hygienic and there are no longer flies everywhere. My mother was happiest of all because now she can visit the toilet with dignity. We now live a much more respectable life.”