Prema’s Story

A safe place

Preem India– 626 million people in rural India practice open defecation – that’s over 50% of the population[i]. Not only is there a risk of disease, but many women and girls, seeking privacy, step out of their homes to relieve themselves early in the morning or late at night to face another danger: this practice is leading to a disturbing increase in the number of rape attacks. What’s more, there’s yet another threat to their well-being lurking in the undergrowth, from wildlife such as snakes.

This was just one of the problems faced by 11 year old Prema and her family before Just a Drop provided support to Manpura village. “When I needed to go to the toilet, I went in the field outside my house. I often used to wait until it got dark, but that meant I had to be careful of snakes and scorpions. I also felt scared that someone might come along,” she says.

Each household in the village now has its own private toilet and washing facilities, as well as clean drinking water from a well, installed by Just a Drop. 

Project_069AS_India_Manpura_Prema's StoryPrema says, “It’s good that we can wash and use the toilet in our own yard, which is safer, nicer and private. I can use the toilet at any time of day now! And now that we have clean water to drink, it makes us healthier and life much easier. I‘m so glad that my newborn cousin will never have to go out alone at night when she’s older.”