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  • Mary & Elizabeth’s Story

Mary & Elizabeth’s Story


– Imagine: a daily struggle of trepidation and fear as you send your young daughter to complete a task, seldom heard of in the developed world.

Fetching water.

How unnatural it would seem to allow her small frame to leave before the sun has even risen, completely alone. Envisage your anger, turning to worry as she is late home. You search for her, but six hours pass with no news.

Imagine your despair as she is carried unconscious through the door by a stranger.

This is Elizabeth Nalumansi’s reality. Her daughter Mary was seven when she was attacked on the way to fetch water just two kilometres from her home.

Elizabeth says, “This is the day I will never forget. A Good Samaritan bought Mary home and told me she had found her in the forest, lying unconscious in a pool of blood. All Mary could remember was that a mean faced man had raped her and beaten her up, leaving her to the vultures. Her private parts were severely damaged. What had that man done to my little girl?”

People like Elizabeth rarely have the means to recuperate from these devastating situations. The pitiful compensation that Elizabeth and Mary received from the local police was a goat, and the attacker got off free through a bribe.

In Uganda, incidences of children being attacked – and even sacrificed – are increasing at a terrifying rate. Dismembered bodies have been discovered at roadsides, by swamps and in cornfields, whilst devastated families are left to pick up the pieces.

Just a Drop is working hard to bring clean, safer water to the homes and schools of children in Uganda to try and prevent these atrocities. Elizabeth and Mary have since been provided with a water harvesting jar at their home, so that Mary and her four siblings will no longer have to walk for water and fear for their safety.

Elizabeth says, “Now I have reasons to smile again. Long live Just a Drop.”