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  • Manikandan’s Story

Manikandan’s Story

From Sickness and Snakes to School…

– Early every morning, Manikandan, an 11-year old boy from the Seethapuram tribal colony in Tamil Nadu, accompanied his mother to fetch water. The long journey and waiting times meant he was often late for school. Because there were no toilets in the colony, all the children used open ground for defecation, causing them to contract sicknesses, such as diarrhoea, worms and skin infections, quite frequently. Manikandan was especially scared of the snakes that would sometimes lurk near the defecation ground.

Manikanda_IndiaJust a Drop provided Manikandan’s colony, composed of 20 families living without the basic facilities of safe drinking water and toilets, with two male and two female bathing and toilet cubicles, together with a pumped water supply.

With the new, accessible clean water facilities and toilets, Manikandan now attends school more regularly due to his improved health. He can also be sure to attend on time every day now that water can be drawn from a central pump nearby. Manikandan is particularly relieved not to have to face any more snakes. he says, “I am recovered from disease and fear.”