Jane’s Story

Restoring dignity

Namak Village, Jane's current latrine

Jane's old latrine

– Over half the population of Uganda lacks a safe place to go to the toilet. Even 106 year old Jane Nalunkuma, who has helped raise several generations of children during a whole era of remarkable historical and political change, was no exception.

“Walking with a stick, to relieve myself in a hole in ground was difficult and undignified,” she explains. “I often used to wait until it got dark, but that meant I had to be careful of snakes.”

What’s more, Jane’s small, mud house, which she shares with four of her great, great, great grandchildren, is 2.5km from the nearest water source. “The children’s parents died and I am the only one left who can take care of them. I often had to beg for water from my neighbours. With the little water we were given, we had to decide whether to cook or wash ourselves and our clothes.”

Project_Uganda_169AF_Namakonkome_Water jar_Jane

Jane's new water jar

Just a Drop provided Jane and five other elderly and vulnerable members of her community with a rain water harvesting jar and improved pit latrine. This is Jane’s first proper toilet. She says, “I now use my latrine at any time of day. It’s safe and comfortable for me to use and I feel privileged to have it; and my water jar provides my family with enough water for our daily needs. These facilities have changed my life and restored my dignity.”

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