Florence’s Story

Risky journeys

Kigunga Village project_Uganda_Just a Drop water charity– The rural communities that surround Uganda’s capital, Kampala, are consumed by fear. Fear that their children might be attacked, raped or kidnapped whilst walking to fetch water.

Their fear is understandable. In Uganda, incidences of child sacrifice are increasing at an alarming rate. Mutilated bodies have been discovered at roadsides, by swamps, in fields – a result of an apparently growing belief in the power of human sacrifice to yield better health and wealth.

Kigunga Village project_Uganda_Just a Drop water charityFlorence Kyosimwe’s young son disappeared in 2011 whilst collecting water from a local swamp. He hasn’t been seen since. “My son was kidnapped early one morning in the sugar plantation, on his way to collect water. Announcements ran on the radio for six months but he was not found. If we had had this water source before, my boy might not have gone into the hands of ‘wicked people’. This project will always bring happiness, as it will save others. I thank Just a Drop.”

Just a Drop is working hard to bring clean, safer water to the homes and schools of children in Uganda, thereby reducing this cruel, intolerable and tragic abuse of vulnerable lives.

Project summary

Kigunga Village project_Uganda_Just a Drop water charityThe urgency of this project was critical. Long journeys to collect water carried the constant threat of assault, and children in particular risked being abducted for child sacrifice – a barbaric and widespread practice in the area. Consequently, many villagers collected water from nearby, stagnant swamps instead – water guaranteed to cause illnesses such as schistosomiasis, worms, river blindness, and skin infections.

  • Thanks to a new borehole, approximately 1,700 people in Kigunga Village are now accessing clean, safe water
  • Village ownership of the project has been achieved through direct participation and team-work
  • The project has improved security of the villagers, due to the proximity of the new borehole
  • The community have learned about the importance of good hygiene and sanitation
  • The project has helped to empower as well as save time for the women and children of Kigunga Village

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