Elizabeth’s Story

Community contributions

Project_168AF_Kenya_Muuo wa Syumbe– Elizabeth Mutundu had to sell six of her eight cows, simply because she could not afford to give them water. It took 8-12 hours to collect water from hand-dug open wells which carried the threat of disease. This loss of livelihood caused her distress and sleepless nights. But she was able to turn this situation around, through her own efforts and community action.

With other people from Syumbe Village, Elizabeth toiled with great determination up a steep slope of 4km, carrying a heavy load of sand and stones on her back. It was no mean feat but she knew it would do nothing less than change her life and the health of the community.

Just a Drop helped her community to construct a rock catchment project which will reduce the time required to collect water and increase the community’s food security. The materials transported on the villagers’ backs made the foundations, not only for the storage tanks, but also for a better future.

Elizabeth Mutundu


Elizabeth also learned how to keep her home clean and boil water before use – important lessons she will undoubtedly pass onto her children.

The community pays a small amount for each container of water they collect and the money will be used to maintain the tanks. They have also set up a Water Committee to ensure that the supply is sustainable in the long-term.

“Kiwu nikyo mweene musyi. Na musyi ute kiwu uti muuo…”, says Elizabeth. “Water is the owner of the home and a home without water has no peace”.

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