Elizabeth’s Story

A new start

– Elizabeth is 80 years old and lives in Bibbo Village, Uganda, with her two year old great, great, grandson.

Project_210_Bibbo Village_Uganda“All of my children died years back. They left children (my own grandchildren) but I do not know where they stay. One of the grand-daughters brought me this very young boy Simon, her son, to stay with me. I welcomed the idea because I was tired of staying alone. At least I could talk with somebody.

We both depend on begging for basics such as water for drinking, cooking food and washing clothes, but it became even worse when it came to the time of the toilet. I had no latrine at all, I was used to the bush near my house and when I was alone, I did not mind.

But with Simon life was even more difficult because he used to ease himself around our house. Simon would get diarrhoea nearly every day; I did not know what the problem was.

We would only get help for treatment from our neighbours, but they soon became tired of us because we had so many problems. They did not want to come to my home because it was smelly and unhealthy.

However, my life was turned around when I was selected by my village leaders to benefit from a project that supported elderly persons by constructing water jars and improved latrines. This saved my life and Simon’s.

Project_210_Bibbo Village_UgandaWith a new latrine at home, Simon and I are very healthy, we no longer have diarrhoea, we have water and I can boil my tea at any time of the day. I now wash all our clothes twice a week.

I have a new life. Now I know I can live more years than I expected to live. I am now healthier than ever before. I thank my village leaders and God for the chance I got to be one of the beneficiaries of this project.”

Elizabeth is one of the many elderly people who live in such conditions but there are very few who are lucky as she was to get this opportunity to turn around her life at such an old age.

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