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Time & Leisure: Every drop makes a difference



This week Time & Leisure have published an interview with our Founder and Chair, Fiona Jeffery OBE.

“Diplomacy, Leadership and creativity are a few of the skills Fiona Jeffery, former Chairman of the World Travel Market, brings to the Just a Drop charity write Paul Critcher” and we couldn’t agree more!


This article gives an insight into Fiona’s life, as well as how she came to found Just a Drop.1-every-drop-makes-a-difference

“What we do in essence is raise funds to put clean water and sanitation into communities across the world. We’ve operated in 31 countries, we’ve done over 180 projects in different parts of the world and we look to focus on various parts of Africa, Asia and South America. It means we can appeal to an international audience and international businesses. We’re quite good at providing a corporate and social responsibility answer to businesses. Because of my business background and network it felt a good way to encourage businesses to give back. My view was if you’re running a successful business and that business is therefore profitable, then business should be encouraged to give back more than it does. The travel industry is an obvious target for fundraising but the reality is any business can give back to whatever charity they choose and it should be part of the DNA of a business. There are a lot of businesses that do do it, but there are still hundreds of thousands that don’t. It’s not just about expecting employees to fundraise, businesses should engage also.”


Click here to read the full article.


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