Turkey is a large country straddling both Asia and Europe and which is split into two different areas, namely into the modern and industrialised West on the one hand and the less economically developed, agriculturally structured East on the other.

The Bosphorus in Istanbul separates the two continents. With a population of some 75 million people, Turkey has a rich and diverse culture and history.  However, the current situation for many Turkish people is very difficult.  Turkey’s GDP per capita is the eight lowest in Europe and around 17% of the population currently live below the poverty line.

Turkey is not short of water with some areas receiving up to 2,500mm of precipitation each year.  However, some rural areas are not well supplied and in 2008 just 75% of people in rural areas had access to an improved water source.  Infant mortality decreased by 65% between 1980 and 2004 due to improved health care but life expectancy in Turkey is still one of the lowest in Europe.

  • Just a Drop worked in Turkey in 1999, raising money towards the British Red Cross’s efforts in the aftermath of Hurricane Mitch. The project provided 100,000 victims with clean water, blankets, tents, first aid and medical equipment.