Magarif and Amarah

Sudan water project, Just a DropThe eastern area of Sudan is one of the poorest parts of the country; its plight has been largely ignored because of the long term conflict in the south of the country and more recently by the devastating conflict in the Darfur region. In Kassala State, only 36% of the rural population have access to clean drinking water and the poverty rate in the Wad El Heilaio is between 85% and 90%.Sudan water project, Just a Drop

In 2006, Just a Drop joined forces with The First Data Western Union Foundation, The Scientific Exploration Society, UNICEF and the Rotary Club of Khartoum to install a water supply in two remote villages – Magarif and Amarah.

Despite heavy rainy  seasons, drinking water in the villages is scarce.  There are no permanent rivers in the area and in Amarah the entire population, including livestock, was dependent on one well for the entire dry season.

To support these communities, Just a Drop installed wells to reach clean drinking water and latrines to provide sanitation to the villagers. In Magarif, Just a Drop reinforced the Sudan water project, Just a Dropwell that existed in the village, and replaced the old electric pump and diesel engine that had fallen into disrepair, as well as installing a 1.5km water pipe to the village. In Amarah, Just a Drop drilled and cased four new boreholes and four hand pumps, as well as testing the water that the existing well provided.


First Data Western Union Foundation logoProject Sponsor: The First Data Western Union Foundation

Date of Project: December 2006

Beneficiaries: 5,700