Middle East (MENA)

Water in the Middle East has always been a rare, precious resource. Whilst representing 5% of the total world population, the Middle East & North Africa (MENA) region contains only 0.9% of global water resources. With population rates among the highest in the world, countries in the MENA region are consuming water at a much higher rate than can be naturally replenished.

The crisis over water in the Middle East is escalating.  Pollution, increased agricultural and industrial initiatives, climate change and population growth have resulted in the worst per capita water statistic in the world, representing only 33% of Asian and 15% of African available water levels. While progressive methods, such as drip irrigation and desalination of sea water, exist they have been implemented by only a handful of oil-rich states and even these initiatives have not proven capable of meeting growing demands.

For Middle Eastern nations water issues are not only resulting in widespread impoverishment, disease and death, but are also a cause of concern for national security and political stability in the area.

Just a Drop has worked on a number of projects in the MENA region, including the nations of Afghanistan, Morocco, Sudan and Turkey.