Hurricane Ivan – Apres Tout

Building the well, GrenadaThis report was provided by Charles W. Daniel:
I left the UK at the end of May, generously supported by The Caribbean Tourist Authority in London who arranged for my flights. On arrival in Grenada, I was surprised at how little had been achieved since Hurricane Ivan the previous September: there were still a great many damaged and roofless houses and the population was still full of a sort of apathy. I had arranged for support from The Windward Islands Research and Education Foundation and met my designated students who were responsible for monitoring the water quality of the village of Après Tout in Saint Patrick’s.

We visited the site the following day and discovered that a dead dog had been found in the water catchment area. In fact this wasn’t all that important as there were cattle grazing all around anyway and chemical fertilisers were also getting into the water supply.

The village had a population of approximately 300; the children, in particular, were almost constantly sick with tummy complaints and other water related illnesses. We had meetings with the villagers, the National Water and Sewage Company and the Ministry of Health, which started a process of collaboration that culminated in a new filtration plant and water storage tanks being installed. For the first time, each dwelling will now be provided with its own tap from the water supply, all provided by the water company.

The problems were all very simple and were predictably mainly human; once we got all the relevant parties talking to each other they were really very easy to resolve. Thanks to the vision of Just a Drop, Après Tout now has a good, clean and healthy water supply.

ITT logoProject Sponsor: Institute of Travel and Tourism and the Caribbean Tourist Authority

Date of Project: June 2005

Beneficiaries: 300