ChikianEntza Village

EcuadorThe village of ChikianEntza is located in south-east Ecuador in a remote region which is only accessible by plane or helicopter. Because of this, the nine Ashuar families who make up the small village still live a traditional way of life – receiving virtually no medical or dental assistance. The community also lacks any sort of water system.

EcuadorIn the cooler months, water is collected from the ChikianEntza River but during the summer hotter temperatures cause the river to dry out. Villagers must then collect water from a heavily polluted creek. A combination of poor sanitation and unclean water mean that the village is constantly plagued by diseases such as parasitism, diarrhoea, fever and dysentery.

Just a Drop installed a water purification system in ChikianEntza village so that now, water is taken from the Nayumpin creek and pumped through a four-stage purification system – including the addition of chlorine tablets. The water is stored in a tank and then distributed to three tap points from which villagers can obtain clean water.Ecuador

As a result of the project, the villagers no longer have to drink polluted water. The occurrence of water related diseases has significantly decreased and the cleaner, healthier and happier population of ChikianEntza is able to enjoy and preserve their traditional way of life. As the team were leaving the village. they exchanged gifts with the Ashuar, however, they declined a box of fat guinea pigs, harpoon and spears in favour of necklaces!

ITT logoProject Sponsor: Institute of Travel and Tourism

Date of Project: December 2009

Beneficiaries: 200