Lake Rojo Aguado

Lake Roja Project, BoliviaIn a remote area of the Amazon basin lies Lake Rojo Aguado. In 2009 Just a Drop, led by our Honorary President Colonel John Blashford-Snell, led a Scientific Exploration Society Bolivian childrenexpedition to bring water to this isolated part of Bolivia. A 20-strong team of volunteers provided medical and dental treatment, distributed reading glasses and donated a motorized ambulance boat for use on the lake. The village schools were provided with books and educational material, and Hayes and Jarvis sponsored Just a Drop to dig four wells in order to provide the area with clean drinking water.

The building of these four wells was led by Bolivian foundation ‘Fundacion Sumaj Huasi’. Work started on these wells in Coquinal with the villagers, school children and expeditionHayes & Jarvis Project, Bolivia members joining the pulling party operating the drill. Two weeks had been lost due to an unusual and severe storm at the end of July resulting in a flood, and it was a race against time to complete the wells before the end of the expedition. Temperatures reached 35 degrees with 90% humidity, making it exhausting work.

Despite these challenges, however, the project was completed and these wells now produce water for Coquinal and Nueva Esperanza, benefitting a total of 500 people in 90 families.

H&J logoProject Sponsor: Hayes and Jarvis

Date of Project: September 2009

Beneficiaries: 500