Latin America

Latin America and the Caribbean have a relatively large proportion of the world’s fresh water resources – 31% for just 9% of the world’s population. This statistic does not capture the reality on the ground, where the vast majority of people do not live in close proximity to water – largely due to the inhabitability of vast areas of the Amazon. This, combined with pollution, politics over transnational water bodies and the mismanagement of solid waste, has caused a multitude of water and sanitation related problems for the region.

One in every three child deaths in Latin America and the Caribbean is attributable to water related diarrhoeal diseases. In Haiti, the poorest country in the Americas, the situation is dire.  Before the earthquake in 2010, just 54% of Haiti’s inhabitants had access to clean water.  Since then, this figure has plummeted.

Just a Drop has focussed a special fund purely for water and sanitation relief work in Haiti and has also completed work in Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Grenada, Mexico and Nicaragua.