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Europe (CEE)

Countries in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) are located mainly in the Baltic Sea and Black Sea (Danube) basins. Although the region is generally well endowed in terms of water resources per capita, the distribution of water varies greatly across the region. While some nations have relatively good access to sufficient water, others have a severe lack. Compounding this – and found across the region – are the problems of poor infrastructure development, poor management of water and sanitation delivery mechanisms and widespread pollution.

Whilst water quality has improved markedly over the last decade, discharges of non-treated or insufficiently treated wastewater from domestic, agricultural and industrial use, still remain a major problem in the region.

Just a Drop has not had a large focus in this area to date but some projects in the region have come through from time-to-time and we recognise our responsibility, as a UK based charity, to respond to the needs of our neighbours when we are able to. To this end we supported the British Red Cross with their efforts to provide relief to Turkey after two substantial earthquakes in 1999.

In 2012, we completed a project in Romania to supply water to a centre that provides a retreat to approximately 1,200 destitute people over the summer months each year.

*Photo credit: Geoff Matero