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Mongolia sand dunesSix year old Anya lives in the middle of the desert, surrounded by some of the biggest sand dunes in Mongolia. Due to the harsh desert conditions in her community, clean drinking water is in short supply. The little water that is available has to be shared between several families and their livestock, as well as nomadic herders who often pass through with their own livestock, in search of water. The area also attracts many tourists, so the demand for water is extremely high. The shallow wells which are available are often contaminated as a result of the shared use between humans and animals.

Anya & her dog To assist Anya and her family, Just a Drop teamed up with the Scientific Exploration Society (SES) and built a new, deeper well which now delivers clean, fresh water to all of the families and herders in the area.

The well has become central to community life, and has allowed them to continue living in the desert. The new water supply has also enabled the community to build a new health clinic which will benefit over 3,000 people in the region.

Find out more about Anya here.


Animals at the wellJohn Blashford Snell, President of the SES, relayed this report in July 2013: “I am pleased to tell you that Prof K. Terbish (the SES representative in Mongolia) has visited the well in the Khongorgu ELS sand dune area that Just a Drop and Beds and Bars funded in 2011. He was there in June 2013 and found it working well.

CamelThe well is an important part of the community centre. It provides for up to 3,000 nomads roaming that part of the Goli desert and people come from far and wide to get clean water and medical care. It has made a great difference to the lives of the people of this remote area. Another success for Just a Drop!”

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Project Sponsor: Beds & Bars

Date of Project: 2011

Beneficiaries: 3,000