Asia and the Pacific are home to 4 billion people, 60% of the world’s population, and yet it only holds 36% of the world’s fresh water resources. While water coverage in the region is relatively high, it is beset by poor infrastructure and extreme pollution. Half of the region’s population lack adequate sanitation and most of the existing sanitation is unreliable, pumping untreated sewage into rivers and lakes.  The result is high infant mortality rates and a high rate of death attributed directly to water borne illness and disease.

Not only does the lack of access to safe, clean water cost in terms of human lives, but it also has hugely negative financial implications. It is estimated that in India alone, it would cost in excess of £30 million a year to implement effective pollution control, meaning that each household would have to contribute around £30 a year – a staggering figure when your household income is less than £1 per day.

Without some external intervention, millions of families in Asia will continue to be affected by these issues. Just a Drop has worked in 14 communities in Asia to date, bringing clean, safe water to families in Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Mongolia, Nepal, Philippines and Sri Lanka.