Mulwazi Basic School

At the pump at Mulwazi school Encouraging attendance at rural schools in Zambia is difficult enough, as children are often under pressure to contribute to their families’ income and daily activities. When the closest water source is 5km away, the effects on the health and the quality of education for pupils comes under threat even more.

Water scarcity also creates additional challenges with teacher recruitment and retention. Under Zambian employment law, government schools are required to provide housing facilities for their teachers, but without close access to water it can be extremely difficult for schools to compete with others which are better equipped.

Mulwazi School, ZambiaMulwazi Basic School had an urgent need for improved access to water. Children and staff were spending valuable learning time fetching water, or else having to go without it throughout the entire school day. This was undoubtedly causing detrimental effects on the children’s concentration levels, health and general welfare.

Just a Drop – in partnership with African Revival – was able to install a bore hole and hand pump at Mulwazi Basic School, which is now providing safe drinking water nearby. The school and the local community are delighted and in fact, a cheer went up from the bystanders as water began flowing from the pump for the very first time!Mr Kaunga at the water pump

Mr Kaunga, Head teacher at the school said, “We are very happy to have water so close to the school. Before we would walk far to get enough water to drink and wash with, but now the students will be able to concentrate on their lessons and not waste time walking to the pump. We thank Just a Drop and the kind donors for this gift. We are most grateful.”

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Date of project: August 2011

Beneficiaries: approx 460 pupils and their teachers