Mukuni Basic School

Mukuni Basic School, ZambiaMukuni Basic School and pre-school is situated in Mukuni village, just 7 km from the world famous Victoria Falls. The school has 1,050 pupils aged 7-17 and 37 teachers (excluding the pre-school). Over 400 of these students are orphans – largely due to the HIV pandemic, and currently, one in six adults in the village is HIV positive. This, combined with low rainfall, hot temperatures, poor soil fertility and a recent outbreak of corridor disease which wiped out much of the livestock makes life for the villagers very difficult.

Zambian children, AfricaMukuni Basic School had hugely insufficient numbers of latrines for the number of pupils.  For example, the pre-school had just one latrine for 250 students. The unsanitary conditions caused by this resulted in constant outbreaks of diarrhoeal diseases and so the school was on the verge of being forced to close by the Ministry of Education. With such high unemployment rates, the school’s closure would have had devastating effects on the children’s prospects.

Just a Drop worked in collaboration with the Butterfly Tree Project and built a number of single and double latrines for Mukuni Basic School and pre-school. A local builder was contracted to construct the latrines and the local community assisted with carrying water. The latrines will be maintained by the PTA through the school WASH (Water & Sanitation) Mukuni Village, Zambiacommittee, comprised of members of staff, parents and pupils. The committee has agreed to collect money from the community when repairs are needed and spare parts will be obtained from the local district council at a reduced cost.

The funding of two double latrines improved the sanitation facilities at the schools in Mukuni Village, preventing them from closure.

Project Sponsor: Jeffery Family / Date of Project: November 2011 / Beneficiaries: over 1,000