Namwiwa community UgandaNamwiwa village in the Luuka District of Uganda was located 6km away from the nearest borehole – a good five hour round trip. As a result, the villagers resorted to collecting water from closer, shallow open water wells. These water holes were also used for bathing, washing clothes and as a drinking hole for local wildlife and so, were unsafe, unsanitary sources of drinking water.

Just a Drop partnered with a local organisation, the Butterman Outreach Centre for Community Health Services (BORCCH), to provide the people of Namwiwa village with their very own borehole and hand pump, and some sanitation and hygiene training.

The project was kindly sponsored by dreamwater lounge and their generosity has At the new water pumpchanged the lives of over 1,500 people and their animals. Women and girls in the village have been relieved of hours of grinding labour each day now that they no longer have endure 12km round trips to fetch clean water.  Lives have been saved, health and education enhanced and food security established.


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Project sponsor: dreamwater lounge

Date of Project: February 2012

Beneficiaries: 1,500