Hope Children’s Centre

Hope Children's CentreHope Children’s Centre was established in 1994 in response to the growing number of children left orphaned as a result of AIDS. The centre runs a primary school close to the capital, Kampala, and has made enormous strides since its humble beginnings; however, the sanitary conditions have always been in an appalling state.

Water for drinking, cooking and washing had to be fetched from a stagnant pond over 4km away. In the case of the school’s boarders, this meant rising at 5am to make the journey to collect water before breakfast. John Benjamin Mwita, 15 years, was one such boarder who frequently had dysentery as a result of drinking the dirty water.

Thanks to a generous donation from the Thomas Cook Children’s Charity, Just a Drop was Thank you bannerable to build a new well at the school, and a sanitation committee was set up to teach the children the importance of good hygiene. Furthermore, over 50 families and their animals in the local community have also benefited from the new water source.

Click here to view a letter from one of the children to Just a Drop and read John Benjamin’s story.

TCCC logoProject Sponsor: Thomas Cook Children’s Charity

Date of Project: April 2011

Beneficiaries: 572 pupils and staff