Norah Junior School – supported by MMGY Global

Norah School is attended by 426 pupils in Wakiso district, north-west of Kampala.

Norah 2

The children who attend the school are aged between 4 and 16 years, and walk between 2km to 3.5km to reach the school.

Thanks to funding from MMGY Global, Just a Drop will provide clean and safe water to the school, replace the latrines and provide education on hygiene and in so doing, will transform the lives of these children.

The nearest water which is potable takes 1.5 hours to reach, so the children resort to fetching water from a nearby open stream – water which is shared by animals, which is dirty and certainly not fit to drink. The water is also used for making porridge in the school for lunch.

Norah 1

This has a serious impact – children are frequently ill and there is a high level of absenteeism. Further, when the children do fetch the water which they can drink, it is a round trip of 3 hours, carrying a heavy container, so children frequently miss school lessons through this as well and it can be dangerous, with the risk of attack.

Further, due to the scarcity of water, the latrines at the school are not frequently cleaned and children don’t wash their hands after using, adding to an already difficult situation. The latrines are already in a bad state of repair, indeed, they need to be replaced as they represent a considerable health risk to the children.


The images below show the current latrines being used and a rain water harvesting tank which is now not longer utilised. To change this situation, Just a Drop will do the following:

  • Form a health club – consisting of pupils who will take responsibility for educating others in the school
  • Construct a 30,000 litre rain water harvesting tank, connected to a cement water tank big enough to store water for all school needs: washing; cleaning; drinking; and eating
  • Construct a 14 stance latrine
  • Train and educate the children in sanitation and hygiene promotion, showing them how to use the water to stay healthy, focusing on items such as hand washing

Norah loo

Norah loo 2

Norah loo 3











This activity will result in clear, long-term outcomes:

  • Reduced incidence of water borne and sanitation related diseases
  • Increased school attendance
  • More time spent in school being educated, time will no longer be lost through illness, or having to fetch water
  • Improved hygiene, through latrine renovation
  • Increased knowledge and practice of a hand washing as a good hygiene/sanitation good behaviour which leads to a reduction in diseases related to poor sanitation
  • Increased teacher retention – in Uganda, there is a high turnover of teachers, attributed to poor toilets and water. Such retention is key to the success of the school

In short, this will have a profound, tangible impact on the children’s lives, real social impact and for the lives of the many hundreds of children who will attend the school in future years.

Local Partner

To implement the project, Just a Drop will work with our local partner in Uganda, Voluntary Action for Development (VAD), a non-profit making NGO which has been in existence since 1996.

Just a Drop has worked with VAD since 2012 and we have now worked in partnership  on a programme of 13 consecutive projects with them to improve access to water, sanitation and hygiene – we consider VAD a trusted, long-term partner.

Just a Drop has recently carried out an evaluation of our work in the area and found that access to safe water and sanitation has improved dramatically since 2012 and we hope to continue that progress. The project outlined in this proposal is part of a wider programme, which will see us working in partnership to cover 10 schools.