Kitwekyambogo Village

Borehole Uganda water project Just a Drop Kitwekyambogo Village is located in Kiyunga Sub-County in Luuka District of Uganda. The urgency of this project was critical given the ever-growing population attracted by the surrounding schools, churches, hospital and other organizations.

Kitwekyambogo Village, Uganda Just a Drop water charity projectPeople in the village had to walk up to 10km a day to overpopulated boreholes, facing hours in long queues. Women faced domestic violence if they failed to provide water so to save time many women and children would prefer to use nearby swamps and ponds drawing dirty, stagnant water. They would drink this water, use it for washing, cooking, bathing, and for their animals. Many then suffered from waterborne illnesses such as schistosomiasis (bilharzia), worms, river blindness, skin infections, cholera and many more.

In February 2013, work began in Kitwekyambogo Village on a project to provide a locally accessible, clean and safe water source, sponsored by Atlas Copco/Water For All. The creation of a borehole in Bukoma Sub County has put a clean, sustainable source of water in close proximity to approximately 1,700 beneficiaries as well as the 3,000 children attending the local school.


Just a Drop worked in collaboration with The Butterman Outreach Centre for Community Kitwekyambogo Village, Uganda Just a Drop water charity projectHealth Service (BORCCH) to deliver this project. The location of the water source was discussed during several meetings with the villagers, and a water engineer from the contracted drilling company. It was decided that the borehole should be located in the centre of the village. A Water User Committee was established and members were elected by the village. The duties of the Water User Committee include the following:

  • ensuring the borehole is in good working condition
  • taking care of repair and maintenance
  • collecting of community contributions establishing and enforcing regulations of the water users

Kitwekyambogo Village Uganda water project Just a Drop charityMembers of the village also fed and accommodated the workers during construction, helped clear the borehole site, and made annual donations to the committee for maintaining/repairing the borehole. Nine Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) training sessions have also so far been conducted in the village.


  • The construction of a safe and clean water source in Kitwekyambogo Village is the main achievement of this project
  • Over 1700 people in Kitwekyamgogo Village now have access to clean water along with 3,000 children at the local school
  • Village ownership of the project has been achieved through the direct participation of the village during implementation and all decision making processes
  • The project has helped to save time for the women and children of Kitweyambogo Village. The children will no longer miss school and the women will have more time for income generating activities
  • The community have learnt about the importance of good hygiene and sanitation practices

Kitwekyambogo Village, Uganda Just a Drop water charity projectPerusi Nabirye, 87, explains how the borehole has relieved her and her grand-children of the burden of walking long distances to get clean water: “I am a widow and weak. I have high blood pressure and diabetes, and am a grandmother of nine children. I could not walk the long distance in search of clean water given my body weakness and also the grandchildren are too young to carry a tin of water from the source. I had resorted to using the swamp water for domestic use and it caused stomach aches and diarrhoea amongst the children, yet I had no money to buy them medications. Thanks for clean water within our community. The children can now fetch water without me being with them and the stomach aches and diarrhoea are no more. We are now happy.”

Our sincere thanks to Atlas Copco and our co-funder, Nick Sandham, for making this project possible.

Atlas Copco logoProject Sponsor: Atlas Copco

Date of Project: April 2013

Beneficiaries: 4,700