Water for Life: Tabata Bima

Tabata Junior School pupils, TanzaniaTabata Bima is located in Ilala municipality, Dar es Salaam. Despite its proximity to the capital, the area faces chronic water shortages, as the supply simply doesn’t meet the demand. Just a Drop collaborated with St Mary’s Foundation to construct two boreholes which will provide the community – including two schools – with access to a piped water supply.

Dr Gertrude Rwakatare, founder of the St Mary’s Foundation – Just a Drop’s local partner – said, “Currently, most Tabata households have no access to a water supply. This forces them to buy water from neighbours or water vendors – which they can rarely afford. Otherwise, the heavy burden falls on women and children to walk long distances to fetch water for their daily needs.” 

Water for Life project, TanzaniaThe ‘Water for Life’ project was made possible by Corinthia Hotels and will support thousands of people with clean, affordable, drinking water. The official inauguration took place on Friday 6th July 2012 and was attended by Nicola Swann and Commander Chris Mahony of Just a Drop, as well as Corinthia representative (and former CEO), Tony Potter.

The ceremony paid tribute to the community’s new water supply with someYoung boy washing his hands, Tanzania fantastic dance performances by some of the pupils at Tabata Junior School, and a poem recital which thanked the founder of Corinthia Hotels, Mr Alfred Pisani. Mr Potter said, “Alfred would have dearly loved to have attended the ceremony today as he wanted Corinthia’s first year of commitment to directly support community driven projects in Africa – like this one in Tabata-Bima in Dar es Salaam. I am delighted to represent Mr Pisani and to see first hand, the wonderful work Just a Drop and St Mary’s Foundation have achieved, which will benefit the community in so many ways.”

Chris with project partner at borehole, TanzaniaThe Tabata Bima community have been encouraged to take ownership of the project and are keen to maintain their new water supply. For many villagers, the boreholes mean the difference between being able to afford enough water for their daily needs without having to walk several kilometres every day. Just a Drop was thrilled to be able to attend the inauguration of this project and carried out several visits to other project sites during the trip. We very much hope that we will be able to continue supporting more communities in Tanzania in the near future.

Corinthia Hotels logoProject Sponsor: Corinthia Hotels

Date of Project: July 2012

Beneficiaries: 30,000