Tabata JICA Primary School

Jica Primary SchoolTabata JICA Primary School is situated in Ilala municipality, near Dar es Salaam. Despite its proximity to the capital, the area faces a chronic water shortage and the weekly water supply which is supplied by the municipal council does not come close to meeting the needs of the community.

Just a Drop – in collaboration with the St Mary’s Foundation – installed a borehole in the school compound. Read the testimonials below to see what difference the new water source made:

Janeth“I am very very happy because of the water that we now have in our school. I used to feel for our students whenever they would be scorned  – especially the girls – by the neighbouring school whenever we went to request water from them. Now they will be no more scorning since we also have water source of our own. God has answered our prayers at last. Thank you Bournemouth Ladies, Just a Drop and St. Mary’s Foundation”.

Janeth Elias Buza, Head Girl.


” I thank so much the Bournemouth Ladies and Just a Drop for giving us water. Now we will not have our books watered in our bags since we don’t need to carry drinking water from home anymore”. Yorkshan Ezekiel Edward. Head Prefect.


Masafiri and Fakhi“Since it is very hot in Dar es Salaam, we used to use our pocket money to buy mainly water instead of bites. Now that God has answered our prayers and given us water, we shall use our pocket money to buy only bites and stationary for our studies. Thank you so much to the Bournemouth Ladies and Just a Drop”.
Mwaija Masafiri and Nasra Fakhi, Grade seven pupils.


Head teacher

“I am very thankful to the Bournemouth Ladies for investing so much money in the lives of these beautiful ones. I also thank Just a Drop who have heeded to our request and cry to give us water. I am now very confident that the academic performance of the pupils will increase since they won’t report late of be absent from school in search for water for domestic use. Thank you to the Bournemouth Ladies, Just a Drop and the St. Mary’s Foundation”. Mrs. Harrieth Kwetukia, Head of Academics Department, Tabata JICA Primary School.

Click here to read the full report, which also includes photos from the projects’ opening ceremony!


Bournemouth Ladies logoProject Sponsor: The Bournemouth Ladies

Date of Project: October 2012

Beneficiaries: 1,700 students and teachers