Mhuvi Primary School

Dorus trust Tanzania Project for Just a DropThe Mhuvi Primary School educates children between the ages of seven and thirteen, and, as with many schools in Africa, has a high absentee rate from the senior girls. Each month, most of these girls will miss up to seven days of their education – during their menstrual cycle – due to the lack of adequate sanitary facilities.

The Ughandi B Water Project was originally started in August 2005 to provide safe water for the community, through the installation of two boreholes fitted with hand pumps. With the help of the Dorus Trust, Just a Drop visited the village in 2009 and built 20 latrines with disabled access in the Mhuvi Primary School. The project design and supervision was carried out by HAPA, a local NGO, with all the labour supplied by the community of Dorus trust Tanzania Project for Just a DropUghandi B Village.

The installation of latrines was aimed particularly at reducing the number of senior girl absentees, so the project work included installing a wash room for the girls. This has allowed them to attend school to further their education. Our sincere thanks to the Dorus Trust for making this project possible.

Project Sponsor: The Dorus Trust

Date of Project:September 2009

Beneficiaries: 650