Kingazi Village

Tanzania_Kingazi_water projectBackground

Kingazi is a hilly area, located in Kinondoni municipality, to the west of Tanzania’s capital Dar es Salaam. Despite its proximity to the capital, Kingazi has a chronic water shortage, which is compounded by the Municipal Council who do not even offer a piped supply to the village. Instead, the community are dependent on shallow and hand-dug wells which often run dry during the summer months. Only a small fraction of households can afford to buy water from local traders (which comes from a daily tanker service).

Tanzania_Kingazi_water projectWomen and children are primarily responsible for water collection and before the project, used to walk up to 9km a day to get it – often from contaminated sources. Consequently, many people in the community suffered from waterborne illnesses such as: diarrhoea, worms, river blindness, skin infections, and cholera.


The Project

In April 2013, work began in Kingazi Village on a borehole well project to provide an accessible, clean and safe water source for the Kingazi community and local primary school. The project was implemented by St Mary’s Foundation in collaboration with Just a Drop and kindly sponsored by Corinthia Hotels.


Expected Benefits

The expected benefits of the project are:

  • ATanzania_Kingazi_water project reduction in the time taken and distance walked to collect water
  • A reduction in the incidences of water related illnesses
  • Improved social and economic well-being due to time being freed up to pursue education and income generating activities
  • A reduction in absenteeism for children attending Kingazi Primary School due to improved health and time saved on walking to collect water
  • Improved hygiene and sanitation practices at Kingazi Primary School and within the wider community.


The community offered their land for the provision of the pipe distribution network. Unfortunately, one villager offered his land for the siting of the borehole and then denied that he had (despite signing the minutes of a meeting agreeing to give the land to the community). After negotiations and community meetings failed to resolve the issue, the landowner took his case to court which meant that construction had to be stopped while the case was resolved. The court case lasted for eight months and it was eventually agreed that the Municipality would compensate him. The villager then sold his land to St. Mary’s Foundation for a sum agreed to by the court and which was paid for by Just a Drop and work was able to proceed.

Tanzania_Kingazi_water projectOnce work resumed it was then found that the electricity supply was not powerful enough to pump the water up to the tank on top of the hill. Fortunately, St Mary’s persuaded the electricity company to extend the supply to this area.

Our Project Officer visited the site many times to discuss the project with the community and the Municipality. Eventually, the Municipality agreed to support the project both financially where there was a shortfall due to all the delays but also in the long term which further strengthens the sustainability of the project.



The borehole was drilled to a depth of 106 metres, at which point the submersible water pump was installed.

Tanzania_Kingazi_water projectThere are four water distribution points located around the village: one near the borehole at the bottom of the hill; one at the top of the hill; one near Kingazi Primary School and one inside the grounds of the school.

A water tank raiser was constructed at the top of the hill. All of the water from the borehole is pumped to this tank and it is then distributed to the four distribution points.

Water flows from the tank to the distribution points through pvc 2.5 inch underground pipes.


Thank you

Tanzania_Kingazi_water projectThe Kingazi community now have a clean, safe and local water supply.

Neema Johnson, age 8, from Kingazi Primary School.

“We thank the sponsors so much for bringing water to our school. Now we will not be going out of school during break time to buy water. May God bless them.” 



Corinthia-Hotels-logoOur sincere thanks to Corinthia Hotels for making this project possible.