Ngaye and Menguegne

Senegal water projectThe towns of Ngaye and Menguegne are located in the Ndiaoudoune region of north-east Senegal. At present, polluted water is pumped from the Senegal River to an existing treatment facility, but the distribution by-passes Ngaye and Menguegne. This water is heavily contaminated by human and animal waste as well as agricultural contaminants.

As a result, the villages’ inhabitants have to walk a significant distance to obtain potable water. More often than not, they do not do this, and they drink the contaminated river water instead; this puts them at considerable risk of disease.

Senegal water projectWith generous funding from Durston House School, Just a Drop was able to install a six kilometre branched pipeline from the existing mains supply to each of the villages. A water tower and several stand pipes were also constructed, providing the delighted villagers with safe access to a local, clean supply of water.

Project Sponsor: Durston House School

Date of Project: April 2010

Beneficiaries: 1,450