Traditions of the Tuareg

Tuareg building well

The Tuareg Tribe are a robust, self reliant and nomadic people with a unique culture. Several droughts in recent years have led to a dependency on wells – but many are up to 15km away and people have to wait for up to one and a half days for their turn to draw water for themselves and their livestock. Many of the wells date back hundreds of years and have reached the end of their useful life.

Just a Drop, in partnership with the Tidene Association, constructed a new well for the Tuareg Tribe, which now means:

  • Fields can be established to grow fruit and vegetables which will ensure food security
  • Surplus produce can be sold at market, providing the Tuareg with extra income to buy cooking pots, medicines and tools
  • Women and girls no longer have to walk long distances to collect water and are now able to spend more time taking care of their families or at school
  • With water close at hand, the Tuareg are less likely to drift into shanty towns, thus ensuring the preservation of their culture and traditions

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Project Sponsor: Arabian Travel Market

Date of Project:  January 2008

Beneficiaries: 400 members of the Tuareg Tribe and their livestock