• Mozambique


A beautiful green, fertile country in south east Africa, Mozambique is on the road to recovery after years of devastating civil war. This, coupled with the country’s history of natural disasters like floods, droughts and earthquakes, has meant that Mozambique boasts some of the worst human development statistics in the world.

Average life expectancy is a low 49 years and infant mortality peaks out at 14%. Diarrhoea causes around 10% of deaths of children under the age of five. Extreme poverty holds a firm grip on this little nation.

While considerable progress has been made over the past years to bring water supply and sanitation to more people, water and sanitation remains one of Mozambique’s most under-developed areas. According to the latest data available, the estimated rate of access to clean safe water was just 43% across the country and access to improved sanitation was estimated at just 17% of the overall population.  The situation in rural areas is far worse than urban areas with only 30% of rural areas having access to water and 6% having access to safe sanitation.

The poor and uneven access to safe drinking water and adequate sanitation is responsible for regular outbreaks of cholera, and diarrhoea is a major cause of child illness and death. A higher prevalence of diarrhoea is also found in drought-affected areas. Here children are more likely to fall sick from waterborne diseases when they start to rely on unsafe water sources such as rivers.

  • In 2000 Just a Drop was in Mozambique and Malawi, supporting the efforts of the Red Cross to drill 105 new boreholes, rehabilitate 90 boreholes; and construct 2,000 household sanitation platforms and latrine blocks for schools and health stations.