Osiligi Rehabilitation Farm

Kenya farm rehabilitation project Just a Drop water charity This project report was prepared for Just a Drop by Robin and Margaret Aim of Afri-Lift.

The aim of the project was to provide the Osiligi Street Children Rehabilitation Centre – and the surrounding Masaai community – with improved facilities for accessing clean water. This would ensure a more adequate supply, allowing the Centre to increase its occupancy, train the boys in horticulture and expand its acreage of crops.


OSILIGI REHABILITATION FARM KENYAThe farm is 60 km away from Nairobi and serves principally to rehabilitate the capital’s former street boys – many of whom had turned to glue sniffing. The boys are enrolled in school or vocational education. Those with suitable families are reconciled and reintegrated whilst others make the Centre their permanent home. The Centre seeks to provide acceptance, encouragement and a very important second chance at a normal and productive life.

What we did

OSILIGI REHABILITATION FARM KENYAEquipment required to keep the borehole in working order was upgraded and repaired. This included the replacement of an old Chinese generator (with a new ‘ Kirloskar’ generator) and a motor for the borehole pump.

Just a Drop installed a pipeline which runs into a small purpose-built dam, the water from which is used for the Centre’s crop irrigation system.  The pipeline now runs from the dam, and connects with the irrigation feeder pipes. Just a Drop also provided a motor for the dam pump. The time taken to water crops is now two-three hours per day. Previously it was ten.


OSILIGI REHABILITATION FARM KENYAWith the borehole working efficiently thanks to a more reliable generator, the water supply to the farm is running well. The supply to the Centre has increased by 30%.

The improved dam has also meant that the crop yield has increased, but more importantly, has allowed the Centre to provide better vocational training for the boys, thus increasing their chances of finding employment in Kenya’s growing horticultural sector.

OSILIGI REHABILITATION FARM KENYAThe farm gave its thanks: “The Osiligi Rehabilitation Farm is very grateful to Just a Drop for the assistance given to increase horticultural production. You have helped our project immensely. We pass on our thanks to Just a Drop daily by sharing our extra water with the local Masaai Community.  Thank you also for helping us to change boys’ lives who would normally not have a chance and be considered as unwanted in this society.”

Our sincere thanks to Mostra Convegno ExpoComfort for making this project possible.

Mostra logoProject Sponsor: Mostra Convegno ExpoComfort

Date of Project: February 2009  

Beneficiaries: 600