Gundi Village

Well site in Ethiopia Just a Drop completed a well installation project in Gundi in 2010. Here is the latest update from Sarah Royal, a member of the Scientific Exploration Society, who took part in the original expedition to construct the wells.

Mygundr & Mydaero Wells:

“We met Gabre in Adiberha and drove to the wells. Each one was located at the bottom of rocky, narrow valleys which had to be reached on foot, along a steep path. Both wells are of a simple hydraulic pump design and were found to be in good working order. One was Ethiopia well site Gundibeing looked after by one of the local villagers, Hulet; she also showed us how the stream running past one of the well’s had been dammed in two places, allowing for a shallow watering hole for the animals. In all, the wells are benefiting over 300 members of the local communities”.

Date of Project: September 2010

Beneficiaries: 300