Tanda Parish

Tanda Parish_Uganda_Just a Drop_water projectIn April 2012, work began on a project to support the three rural villages of Nakitolo, Kiwambya and Tamu inTanda Parish, Uganda. The project was implemented by Just a Drop’s local partner, Karama Rural Women’s Development Organization (KRUWODO) and sponsored by getabed.co.uk.

The project has now been successfully completed with the construction of six protected shallow wells and the protection of four natural springs. Eight water jars have also been provided to vulnerable families.

Water filter vessels have been donated to three schools (St. Ambrose Ttamu Primary School, New Hope Primary School and Bishop Wilson Mutebi Primary School) for safe drinking water and hand washing.

Bishop Wilson Mutebi Primary School has been provided with a pit latrine block for its students.

Hygiene and sanitation education and training has also been carried out within the targeted communities.



Tanda Parish_Uganda_Just a Drop_water projectThis photo shows the Lwamivule well just after it was officially opened. Community members and children are delighted to be accessing clean water in their village. This well was constructed at Nakitolo Village and it s going to be used by at least 55 families.

Balangira and Kiwaffu wells have also been completed in Ttamu Village. The wells are serving an estimated 400 and 470 people respectively, including a remote primary school. Nambi well is also benefiting a large number of families.


Tanda Parish_Uganda_Just a Drop_water project

In this photo, community members celebrated the opening of Luz’lwa Nalongo well. This well was constructed at Kiwambya and it is estimated that it will benefit around 550 people. Community members were actively involved during the construction of this well and are now very thankful that they no longer have to collect their water from a nearby pond.

Another well, Kikunyu, has been built close to a secondary school and will benefit approximately 535 people. The students were instrumental in the construction of this well, carrying locally donated materials to the well site.


Rainwater Harvesting Jars

Tanda Parish_Uganda_Just a Drop_water projectMrs. Sarah Mutyaba (pictured), a widow and infected with HIV/AIDS, was provided with a water jar, so that she can now collect rainwater at her home.

Additional water jar recipients included: 76 year old Fred Segitinya Kalungi from Ttamu Village; 76 year old Mrs. Muwaya Kasenene and her large household (she has nine grandchildren); 70 year old Mrs. Balikoowa Namulindwa and her family; and and Mrs Maria Basuude from Nakitolo Village – they were all overjoyed.


Tanda Parish83 year old Mr. Bazanyanego and his wife have a large family, including a  disabled son. They sat proudly in front of their new water jar as they posed for this photo.

Mrs Teopista Najuuma – also widowed and infected with HIV/AIDS – was overwhelmed when she heard that collecting safe water would no longer be a concern for her family.

Other water jar recipients included: blind and disabled 79 year old Mr. Stephen Mabonga, who said that his jar has brought fortune to his house and children.


Protected Springs

Tanda Parish_UgandaThis is Konde Spring in Ttamu Village 49 families are now benefitting from this protected source of water.

Three further springs include:

Muteekanga Spring  – providing approx. 470 people with clean, safe water; Zirimenya Spring and Kyalikisa Spring, in Kiwambya Village.

All community members were very active during the construction, developed a strong sense of ownership over their projects and were extremely happy at the official openings!



Tanda ParishIn this photo, pupils of St. Ambrose Ttamu Priamry School stand alongside their new hand-washing facility.

Other schools to benefit included: Bishop Wilson Mutebi Primary School and Bright Future Primary School.



WASH (Water and Sanitation Hygiene) education has been a significant part of the project – particularly in the villages of Nakitolo, Kiwambya and Ttamu. In these villages we have trained elected village members in promoting hygiene and sanitation through a ‘Training of Teachers’ session and members will continue to pass on the information from one person to another.

Tanda ParishWe have also trained the health clubs of the three schools and the trained pupils will have the responsibility to teach fellow pupils on the proper use of the installed facilities and to pass on the knowledge they have learnt to their families at home.


Training of Water User Committees

We have trained a total of 10 Water User Committees throughout this project. These committees are responsible for the six shallow wells and four springs which have been constructed. Each of these committees has nine members who now have the skills for maintenance and proper use of the installed facilities.


Our sincere thank to getabed for making this project possible.

getabed logoProject Sponsor: getabed

Date of project: April 2014