Fundraising Tips

Sky divingTop Tips

  • Set up an Online Fundraising Page – Visit Just a Drop’s JustGiving site and set up your own page for people to sponsor you on. Post the link on your Facebook and Twitter pages
  • Personalise Your Online Fundaising Page – Use a photo and tailor the automated ‘thank you’ response, so that your supporters feel as though they are hearing from you directly
  • Social Media – Get on your favourite form of social media to assail friends and followers with information about Just a Drop – ask for sponsorship and raise awareness. Mention Just a Drop and we may just re-tweet you!
  • Email – Emailing friends and family directly allows you to include more information about the cause and gives the information a personal touch – express your reasons for caring about the charity and what the support means to you
  • Updates – Keep people informed about how your training is going, how many blisters you may have (!) and how much sponsorship you have raised so far
  • At Work – Ask to be on your company’s website – many companies like to promote the charitable efforts of their staff
  • Email Signature – Raise awareness of your event by adding the details and a link to your fundraising page to the bottom of your email signature
  • Set Yourself a Target – Set yourself the goal you want to raise and be prepared to increase your target as you get closer to it
  • Flyers – Plaster shop windows with posters and flyers (ask first!); get them on counter tops, in libraries, around universities and schools. You might even be able to speak very nicely to a local company and persuade them to cover the printing costs
  • Photos – Use hitherto unknown photography skills to snap away at your event and post the photos you take all over the internet. These will also prove useful when you want to write and illustrate an eye-catching article about your hugely successful event in your local or university newspaper
  • Do Something Different – Promise to run or cycle in fancy dress if you raise over your target sponsorship amount!
  • Enlist the Help of Others – Encourage your friends and family to help and to try and raise money on your behalf
  • Sponsorship Form – Always carry a pen and sponsorship form with you; you can download the Just a Drop sponsor form here
  • Request a Just a Drop T-Shirt – Wear it on the day and also post a photo of yourself wearing it on your online fundraising page!
  • Ask Your Employer for Support – What better way to double your money?! Many employers will be willing to match the funds you have raised, or perhaps make a contribution
  • Local PR & Radio – Get articles out in local newspapers about your epic plans for raising funds, or write an article for your company’s newsletter or intranet site.  (Don’t forget to include a photo of yourself and a link to your fundraising page!) Try to get a spot on your local radio station to talk about your event
  • Talk – Word of mouth is so important for informing everyone about your event, and people are particularly willing to talk about your event if it’s unusual/a bit crazy. Find the office/school/university/social club gossip – if they can spread information about everything else that goes on, they can spread information about this! The more hype around your event, the more potential sponsors you’ll have
  • Never forget to say THANK YOU to all of your supporters.

Most importantly, enjoy yourself and good luck!