World Travel Market

WTM-London_GB.jpg_8597Just a Drop was launched in 1998 at World Travel Market (WTM), the world’s leading event for the global travel industry. The exhibition takes place at the ExCeL Centre in the first week of November and features 50,000 attendees from the travel and tourism sector. As the charity beneficiary of the event, we attend the show every year and our presence helps us to raise funds and profile, build new partnerships and give thanks to all of our supporters in the travel and tourism industry.

This year your lifesaver bottle is supporting the community living in Funte Village, Zambia.

Funte Village


There are no formal water systems in Funte Village, people here have no choice but to draw water from unprotected hand-dug wells or river-beds some distance from their home. During a project visit, Just a Drop visited the existing water source, an open well, where the water was very dirty and the source had frogs living in it.

WTM Funte

In addition, this well was professionally tested by the local Environmental Health Officer from the Department of Health for bacteriological contamination, with the result revealing that the water was unsafe for potable use.

Due to the lack of safe water, there is a high prevalence of water-borne diseases. Most affected are children under 5 years old with three cases of diarrhoea each day reported because of the poor quality of drinking water.

The need to provide clean and safe water is therefore very high.


The Project

Thanks to the support of World Travel Market and everyone purchasing lifesaver water bottles during the event, Just a Drop will drill a borehole with a hand pump, enabling the community to reach clean and safe water. Consultations with communities have shown a preference for boreholes fitted with hand pumps as they are easier to keep clean and are able to serve more people than an open well.


The community will contribute resources, such as labour and local materials, and will work with Just a Drop’s local partner to find the best location for the borehole to serve the community. To ensure that water will be available into the future, community-elected women and men will be trained and equipped to work together as a committee to repair and manage the water systems. This project will complement an on-going intervention that is improving sanitation and hygiene through capacity building and education.

Malupande Borehole (3)


The facility will give the whole community a tremendous boost at a critical time and over the long-term a real chance for improvement, socially, environmentally and from a health perspective.


Specially, we will achieve the following:

  • The lives of 190 people will be transformed, with 100% of  the Funte community having continuous access to safe water
  • Health will improve and there will be a reduction in the incidence of water-borne diseases: we aim to achieve a 60% reduction in the reported water and sanitation related diseases in the Funte community after 6 months – the Committee will record the number of incidents of water-related diseases
  • As there will be no need to fetch water, women and girls will have improved productivity, spending more time in education and following other productive pursuits, improving lives into the future
  • The community will be more empowered through ownership of the resource and future management


Thank you for your support!

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