World Water Week

world-water-weekIt’s World Water Week!

World Water Week is an annual conference which takes place at the Stockholm International Water Institute. It has been running since 1991 and is the annual focus for discussions of the globe’s water issues. The aim of the conference is to link scientific research to policy making in order to find practical solutions to big water issues.

As part of the International Year of Water Cooperation, this year’s theme is ‘Water Cooperation – Building Partnerships’. The idea is that there are no water challenges that can be solved by just one actor. We live in a more interdependent world than ever before and need various stakeholders, organisations and individuals to interact positively in order to manage water better.

Without cooperation we cannot hope to ensure fair access to water worldwide. This is especially difficult considering the growing global population and the effects of climate change upon water supplies.

The conference will also be focusing on the post-2015 agenda for international development, following the expiration of the Millennium Development Goals.

The conference will also host the announcement of several awards, including the Stockholm Water Prize (which this year went to Dr. Peter Morgan for his work developing low-cost sanitation and water technologies, and training for local partners to install and maintain them) and the Stockholm Industry Water Award (awarded to Netafilm for their pioneering work in drip and micro-irrigation technology).

Reed Elsevier Environmental Challenge 2013The winner of the Reed Elsevier Environmental Challenge will also be announced at the conference. The Challenge asks for innovative solutions to provide people with safe water and sanitation. The shortlist for the award has been announced, and includes such entries as sanitation waste treatment in Haiti, arsenic removal in Bangladesh, a floating sanitation system in Bangladesh, smartphone technology in Uganda, and rural sanitation in Cambodia.


Just a Drop and Bathshop 321

Bathshop 321 logoThis year, during World Water Week, Just a Drop is teaming up with Bathshop 321, who are launching their ‘Save it, Give it’ campaign to hep make a difference.

‘SAVE IT’: Bathshop321 will be highlighting the amount of water being potentially wasted in the home. Using their water consumption calculator, you can calculate approximately how much water you use per week in your household. Click here to give it a go!

‘GIVE IT’: The bathroom accounts for 2/3 of the water used in the home, which is why the company is striving to provide eco and water saving alternatives to traditional products. They have a range of eco products that help to save water in the bathroom, and throughout September we’ll be donating up to 10% of sales to Just a Drop.

Find out more about Bathsop321 by visiting their website.


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