World Water Day – We Walked For Water!





















A big THANK YOU to everyone who gathered to celebrate World Water Day 2016 with us by taking part in our Jerry Can Challenge on the Millennium Bridge.


It was brilliant to see so many people walking for water and learning about the very real and very frequent water scarcity issues facing so much of the world’s population. We’d also like to thank Linda Robson who kicked off the challenge and helped to spread the word.


Together we walked a whopping 30km across the Millennium Bridge carrying part water filled jerry cans. Children and women in countries all over the world still walk up to 6km a day just to access dirty water that leaves them ill.


Just a Drop continues to work towards shrinking the number of people with no access to clean safe water and we are endlessly grateful for your unwavering support.

Take a look at some of the fun below.

Until next year!




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IMG_9044 IMG_9096 IMG_9102 IMG_9121 IMG_9138 IMG_9141 IMG_9153 IMG_9176

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