My Week at WTM

JaD standIn 1998, Just a Drop was established and launched at World Travel Market (WTM), the world’s leading event for the global travel industry. As a result, we are the charity beneficiary of the event which features 5,000 exhibiting companies and nearly 50,000 attendees from the travel and tourism sector.

We have just returned from this year’s World Travel Market and we were lucky enough to be helped throughout the show by two young student volunteers.

Asa and Sophie were enthusiastic, energetic and a delight to have with us for the week; here, they share their experiences of volunteering for Just a Drop:

Asa Ricki Hutchinson

Events_WTM 2013_WTM_Volunteers‘I have been helping the Just a Drop charity all week during World Travel Market and have become very passionate about the projects set up by the organisation. Sophie and I have got on very well with fundraising for the charity, as well as with the Just a Drop team: Nic, Nicola and Kelly.

Fundraising with the team has been character building and fun; it is nice to have a goal, and reach it!

Each day Sophie and I have been finding more and more out about the charity, where each individual pound goes to, the seriousness of not providing these projects for the less developed countries.

It has also been a great chance for me to meet and talk to Fiona Jeffery and to find out a bit more about the reason behind finding the charity and who helped her in the process. So, when she won an award on the Monday of World travel Market I was happy to know that a great organisation is getting so much deserved attention.

Thank you very much for the opportunity’.


Sophie Conlon

Events_WTM 2013_WTM_Volunteers‘As a student studying Travel and Tourism I was really excited to be working with this charity for my work experience placement, as it engages myself with people from all over the world who are visiting World Travel Market.

I have a lot of passion into helping with third world development and to be fundraising for Just a Drop gave me the experience to do this.

The fundraising team have been extremely helpful and enthusiastic about myself and my companion Asa Hutchinson’s contribution to the organisation and have really made this voluntary experience worthwhile. We became informed at the beginning of our work placement on the background of Just a Drop and exactly what Nic, Kelly and Nicola all do towards making a success of this charity.

Although, we have only been a part of this team for a short while; both myself and Asa felt very proud when we heard that Just a Drop’s founder, Fiona Jeffery, had won a World Tourism Award, as it is a charity which is really making a difference towards the less developing countries and is helping towards a sustainable future.

Our job role was to increase the public’s awareness on the charity and encourage them to donate to this good cause. I believe that we did a good job of this through talking to people and emphasising the importance that their money could do to support developing countries. Although it is not the easiest job to get people to donate, especially in that type of environment, I thoroughly enjoyed the whole process.

Events_WTM 2013_WTM_VolunteersI would really recommend voluntary work to anyone and particularly those who want to make an impact on people’s lives and global development. It is a very satisfying job knowing you are making a change to people’s lives for the better. My experience at Just a Drop has made me more devoted to helping charities and the less fortunate in my endeavours and am very thankful to the Just a Drop team for the experience they have given me. I am certain they will keep up their successes in making a difference in the world’.

Thank you very much to both girls – hope to see you again at World Travel Market next year?!