My week as an intern…

JasmineMY name is Jasmine Pourtaheri and a week has now passed from when my volunteering at Just a Drop began and I can’t believe how quickly it has rushed by and just how much I have enjoyed my time. I walked in on the first day terrified of what to expect but as soon as the team introduced themselves all my fears were immediately put to rest. The charity was first introduced to me a few years ago through one of my friends, whose mum is Fiona Jeffery, the founder and chairman of Just a Drop, meaning I had been aware of their incredible work for some time. This meant that when it became time to find work experience I did not hesitate to contact Fiona to see if she would consider allowing me to volunteer.

From a very young age I’ve always been determined to try to help the less fortunate and so I thoroughly enjoyed working with Just a Drop whose mission is to do the same. Just a Drop has not only given me a thoroughly enjoyable week but also determination to keep following my dreams and try to reach my goals of helping those living in scarce conditions, just like Just a Drop have been doing!

My time could never have been so enjoyable if it wasn’t for how amazingly kind, welcoming and supportive Nic, Kelly and Nicola were throughout the whole week. They truly created a lovely environment for me to work in and this meant that I was able to improve and speed up in the tasks set each day. It is inevitable that a team with so much determination to help will be able to expand Just a Drop into the substantial charity it deserves to be.

We spent the afternoon of my first day in the park attending a corporate cricket day and although I didn’t know anyone, the day was lovely. It was the best way to begin a perfect week and to get to know people.

Before I came to work with Just a Drop I was sure their work was amazing but after only a couple of days with them, I really came to understand how they were helping people live a safer life. Now that my week with Just a Drop has drawn to an end, I feel so proud and privileged to have been involved in serving such a remarkable charity. I will never forget my journey at Just a Drop.