Kenya Reflections

Kenyan childrenJust a Drop’s new Head of Fundraising and Communications, Brendan Hanlon and Project Officer, hydro-geologist and groundwater specialist, Jamie Riches, have just returned from a trip to Kenya where they were working with our local partner Africa Sand Dam Foundation (ASDF) to support the local development of our projects in the Tsavo region. Here are Brendan’s reflections on the trip. 

MWS Rock catchment tanksAs a new member of the Just a Drop team, it was fantastic to be offered the opportunity to go to Kenya and visit our projects in Makueni County, Kenya. I spent a week with our Project Officer Jamie and local partners ASDF seeing each project and a few days on, I’ve been able to reflect on what I experienced there.

Put simply, the difference Just a Drop makes is huge – we change people’s lives.

All of the people I met in Kenya explained the positive impact of having access to clean, safe and reliable water. A great example is the Muuo Wa Syumbe Self Help Group. The image shows the type of place where they would previously have sourced their water – dirty and unsafe.

MWS SHG previous water source

Working with the Group, we have built a rock catchment, which is providing “sweet water” according to the Group’s Chairman, Jeremiah Ivita. He described how the community felt forgotten about before, but with a regular and safe water supply, they have been able to develop their agriculture and buy a cow for the first time, totally changing things for them. location of Muuo Wa Syumbe is pretty remote and the community had brought the materials for the rock catchment to the location themselves, which meant bringing cement and rocks uphill for over a mile. Totally inspiring!

The trip provided me with many lasting memories of the people I met and their stories, memories I won’t easily forget. To see more about Just a Drop’s work in Kenya, click here.