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A ‘Penny for me Pop’ fundraiser, Stella Shiner (8)


‘A Penny for the Pop’ is an old tradition in Stromness where children go around on 5th November asStella - fundraiserking for a ‘Penny for me Pop’ instead of the usual penny for the Guy. Stella Shiner, aged 8, continued the tradition this year and raised £5 for Just a Drop!

Stella created her ‘Pop’ with a little help from her Daddy, making sure it stood out with its crazy colourful hair! “After school me and two of my friends (Tara and Sofia) took our pops and went round doing “penny for me pop”. We went to other people’s houses shouting “penny for me pop” and they gave us a little bit of money to put in our bag or pocket. In the evening we took the pops to the bonfire. They were judged in age groups then everyone took their pops to be thrown onto the bonfire before the fireworks display,” says Stella.

We are very grateful to Stella for thinking of us to donate her fundraising to and her parents for letting us know. This is her Stella - fundraiser2reason why: “I wanted to donate my money to Just a Drop because I thought that people less fortunate then me deserve it more than me. I like that children get a chance to have clean fresh water and I would hate it if I had to walk miles and miles to get water”.


Thank you Stella, we hope you enjoyed the fireworks display!

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